Installation géothermique pour les particuliers

Auvergne Forage carries out vertical and inclined drilling necessary for the installation of geothermal probes of up to 200 m.

Since the creation of the company in 2005, we have carried out drilling throughout France.

All these drillings were carried out in compliance with the NFX10-970 and NF EN 17522 standards established by AFNOR.

Geothermal drilling equipment unique in France allowing drilling to great depths.

The deeper the driller digs, the more heat he recovers (we gain approximately 3 degrees for every 100 meters of vertical drilling)

Our geothermal probes comply with the NFX10-960 standard.

Principle of operation of probe geothermal energy

diagram-drilling-probeWhen resources have a temperature below 30°C, they cannot be recovered by simple heat exchange. Their use then requires the implementation of a heat pump which raises or lowers the temperature to produce heat or cold.

We are talking about very low temperature geothermal energy assisted by a heat pump.

This technique consists of lowering two polyethylene loops into a deep borehole (bare hole), in which glycol water will circulate in a closed circuit.

By circulating, the glycol water will recover the calories contained in the basement to return them to the Heat Pump (PAC).

The length of probes to be installed will be calculated according to the cooling power required by the heat pump.

En tant que professionnel portant la mention RGE, notre entreprise vous assure de la qualité des travaux qu’elle réalise pour vous.

La mention RGE garantit :

  • une qualification ou une certification validées par les Pouvoirs Publics, l’ADEME et les organismes représentant les professionnels,
  • le respect de critères objectifs (formation, assurance, référence, audit…) qui sont contrôlés de façon régulière.

Avantages des solutions de géothermie sur sonde